costes compact-discs


Reference : CD11
Recorded at home in 1993 in Saint-Denis (France)
Time : 72 minutes
Booklet : the words of all songs in english

30 songs in english about those fucking jap jews :
30 chansons sur les juifs jaunes du japon :

(Si les paroles de ce CD vous choquent, lisez le texte
"Japonais, nouveaux juifs" dans la rubrique "Porno-social".)

  1. jap pot
  2. sony shit
  3. nitendo law
  4. the yellow slug is eating the country
  5. jap slug riding chinese bug killing white pet
  6. the jap uses the black to kill the white
  7. nihon tako
  8. jap jew
  9. kara okane
  10. usa and japan nasty
  11. remember vietnam
  12. bill and joe in jap jungle
  13. slit slit slit
  14. what have you done to the little girl?
  15. have you seen?
  16. the yellow slug in me
  17. geri
  18. jap jerk rock
  19. crush the slug after the fuck
  20. catch and crush
  21. so yellow, so mellow
  22. mamy crush interview
  23. mamy jap crush recipee
  24. shiiro katsu
  25. beware yellow fuckers
  26. give me a brave man
  27. white is wild
  28. costes cock clones
  29. working for the white
  30. costes cock on fujiyama