1987 ("younki")
1-march 1-confluences-paris-france
2-may 3-20eme art-paris-france
3-june 10-dunois-paris-france
4-june 4-martigny-suisse
5-june 5-theatre des halles-paris-france
6-july 4-athevains-paris-france
7-july 5,6-fondation artaud-paris-france
8-dec 9-le palace-paris-france

1988 ("la passion de jean-jeanne")
9-january 10-20eme art-paris-france
10-april 15-south carolina-usa
11-may 5-chicago-usa
12-july 13-chameleon-new york-usa
13-oct 1-epe-paris-france
14-nov 19-hht-bordeaux-france
15-december 2-transmusicales-rennes-france
16-december 3-sorbonne-paris-france
17-december 5-epe-paris-france
18-december 31-fmr-toulouse-france

1989 ("les pendus", "the last mass", "lost kittens")
19-january 26,27,28,29-epe-paris-france
23-march 2-lille-france
24-march 4-le tiki-belgique
25-may 18-ermitage-paris-france
26-may 19-lycee autogere-paris-france
27-may 20,21-epe-paris-france
28-june 14-grand wazoo-amiens-france
29-june 18-hht-bordeaux-france
30-june 21,22-mukalo-bruxelles-belgique
32-june 23 - bunker-rotterdam-nederland
33-june 24-kontrast-hulst-nederlanr
34-june 27,28-epe-paris-france
35-june 30-melun-france
36-november 2-cbgb-new york-usa
37-november 3-rowley-usa
38-november 4-university of connecticut-usa
39-november 5-middle east-boston-usa
40-november 7-dc space-washington dc-usa
41-november 9-skydog-athens-usa
42-november 11-dreamerz-chicago-usa
43-november 13-louisville-usa
44-november 15-outhouse-lawrence-usa
45-november 18-al's bar-los angeles-usa
46-november 20-kaleidoscope-san francisco-usa
47-november 24-bulkhead-santa cruz-usa
48-november 25-455-san francisco-usa
49-november 26-blue gallery-portland-usa
50-november 29-the vogue-seattle-usa

1990 ("civil war", "rollerderby")
51-march 2,3,4-epe-paris-france
52-march 9-carrieres de meudon-meudon-france
53-march 15-extasy-berlin-germany
54-march 16-aktion-berlin-germany
55-march 17-minden-germany
56-march 21-louvain-belgique
57-march 23,24-mukalo-bruxelles-belgique
58-march 25-la neuville-france
59-april 1-bunker-rotterdam-nederland
60-april 3-diogenes-nymegen-nederland
61-june 20-3 orfevres-tours-france
62-june 21-theatre jacques coeur-bourges-france
63-june 27-epe-paris-france
64-september 8-middle east-boston-usa
65-september 9-maxwell-new york-usa
66-september 11-washington dc-usa
67-september 13-pittsburg-usa
68-september 16,17-dreamerz-chicago-usa
69-september 21-first avenue-mineapolis-usa
70-september 23-detroit-usa
71-september 25-khyber pass-philadelphia-usa
72-september 26-chase manhattan-new york-usa
73-september 27-university of connecticut-usa
74-september 29-rhodes island-usa
75-october 2,3-boston-usa

1991 ("partouzes a koweit-city")
77-january 22-gibus-paris-france
78-june 22-epe-paris-france
79-june 28-rotterdam-nederland
80-june 29-kiwi-soignies-france
81-june 30-infernale-commines-belgique
82-july 1-usine-paris-france
83-july 4-rex club-paris-france

1992 ("freak show")
84-july 3-the rat-boston-usa
85-july 5-montreal-canada
86-july 6,7-toronto-canada
88-july 9-washington-usa
89-july 10-khyber pass-philadelphia-usa
90-july 11-cbgb-new york-usa
91-july 12-louisville-usa
92-july 14-athens-usa
93-july 16-seattle-usa
94-july 17-vancouver-canada
95-july 19-san francisco-usa
96-july 21-hollywood-usa
97-july 22-pasadena-usa
98-july 24-oakland-usa

1994 ("cuisine-salle de bain")
99-october 15-usine-bordeaux-france
100-october 17-instants chavires-montreuil-france
101-november 29-la comedie-paris-france
102-december 16-eurotika-bruxelles-belgique

1995 ("ono ono je t'aime", "love hotel", "nana")
103-january 29-airwest-tokyo-japan
104-february 4-chicken george-kobe-japan
105-february 15-okayama-japan
106-february 25-huck fin-nagoya-japan
107-march 4-takutaku-kyoto-japan
108-march 7-antiknock-tokyo-japan
109-march 11- la mama-shibuya tokyo-japan
110-march 18-be one-hakata-japan
111-march 25-niigata-japan
112-march 29-club que-tokyo-japan
113-april 1-fandango-osaka-japan
114-april 8-club citta-kawasaki-japan
115-may 12-rough and rude-amsterdam-nederland
116-june 15-aqua viva-perigueux-france
117-june 17-ans des rois-perigueux-france
118-june 19-henri miller-perigueux-france
119-july 1-usine-paris-france
120-july 15-glopland-montreuil-france
121-september 1-perigueux-france
122-september 8-bite generation-nantes-france
123-september 23-fleche d'or-paris-france
124-september 30-usine-paris-france
125-october 7-glopland-montreuil-france
126-november 18-mimi pinson-montpellier-france
127-november 21,22,23,24,28,30-trou gauloi-paris-france
133-december 4-trou gaulois-paris-france
134-december 7-trace rock-nancy-france
135-december 8-les limbes-lyon-france
136-december 9-toulouse-france
137-december 10-les limbes-lyon-france
138-december 12,13-trou gaulois-paris-france
140-december 15-grand wazoo-amiens-france
141-december 16-pta-lille-france
142-december 19,21,23-trou gaulois-paris-france

1996 ("sans queue ni tete")
145-may 14-aeronef-lille-france
146-november 23-pezner-villeurbanne-france
147-december 1-annexe-valenciennes-france
148-december 21-usine-paris-france

1997 ("aux chiottes")
149-january 18-usine-paris-france
150-january 24-tontons flingueurs-rennes-france
151-february 13-abadidon-paris-france
152-february 22-la baraque-grenoble-france
153-march 6-grand wazoo-amiens-france
155-march 27-abadidon-paris-france
156-april 5-usine-paris-france
157-april 18-chez emile-rouen-france
158-april 26-instants chavires-montreuil-france
159-may 9-jimmy-bordeaux-france
160-may 10-erich coffee-toulouse-france
161-may 17-zanetti bar-breda-holland
162-may 18-dodorama-rotterdam-holland
163-may 23-bulex-bruxelles-belgium
164-may 24-2B-eindhoven-holland
165-may 30-laiterie-strasbourg
166-june 5-trou gaulois-paris-france
167-june 12-usine-geneve-switzerland
168-june 13-case a chocs-neuchatel-switzerland

1998 ("les otages")
169-october 7-hamburg-germany
170-october 8-berlin-germany
171-october 9-aalborg-danemark
172-october 12-bremen-germany
173-october 13-hamburg-germany
174-october 30-121-london-england
175-november 3-newcastle-england
176-november 6-leeds-england
177-november 7-middlesburough-england
178-november 13-brighton-england
179-november 26-paris-france
180-december 4-paris-france
181-december 11-paris-france
182-december 18-toulouse-france
183-december 19-toulouse-france

1999 ("les otages")
184-january 9-montreuil-france
185-january 23-montreuil-france
186-january 28-louvain-belgique
187-january 29-liege-belgique
188-january 30-bruxelles-belgique
189-february 5-rennes-france
190-february 12-bordeaux-france
191-february 19-rouen-france
192-february 26-montreuil-france
193-february 27-montreuil-france
194-march 5-amiens-france
199-april 8, 14, 15, 16, 17-paris-france
200-april 29-strasbourg-france
201-may 1-bruxelles-belgique
202-may 7-grenoble-france
203-may 8-lyon-france
204-may 9-saint etienne-france
205-may 14-nantes-france
206-may 24-mulhouse-france
207-may 25-reims-france
208-may 28-lille-france
209-june 24-rennes-france

2000-2001 ("Vomito Negro")
210-oct 27 - 2000 : enshede (planet noise) holland
211-oct 28 : liege (la zone) belgique
212-jan 11 - 2001 : brighton (the lift) uk
213-jan 12 : london (red rose) uk
214-jan 14 : dunkerque (calvaire) france
215-jan 19, 20, 21, 26, 27, 28 : montreuil (chat-soleil) france
216-fev 6, 7 : bordeaux (zoo bizarre) france
217-fev 8, 9 : toulouse (le ranch) france
218-fev 10 : la rochelle (la casamance) france
219-fev 16 : nancy (le totem) france
220-fev 17 : kehl / strasbourg (lactina labo) germany
221-fev 18 : colmar (poussin vert) france
222-feb 22 : bremen (tower) germany
223-march 7 : saint-etienne (france)
224-march 8 : lyon (pezner) france
225-march 13 : paris (olympic) france
226-avril 5 : nantes (13 rue d'orléans) france
227-avril 6, 7 : rennes (jardin moderne) france
228avril 13 : grenoble (la baraque) france
230-avril 14 : avignon (weird faktory) france
231-avril 29 : paris (chapiteau, 68 quai de seine) france
232-may 3 : limoges (jules noriac) france
233-may 5 : hamburg (westwerk) germany
234-may 7 : hamburg (astra-stube) germany
235-may 11 : hannover (silke arp bricht) germany
237-may 12 : münchen (club 2) germany
238-may 18 : hertogenbosch (w2) holland
239-may 19 : nijmegen - holland
240-may 23 : louvain-la-neuve (chez zelle) belgique
241-may 25 : bruxelles (magasin 4) belgique
242-june 2 : rotterdam (las palmas) holland
243-june 3 : amiens (lune des pirates) france
244-june 7 : bruxelles (9 r des chevaliers) belgique
245-june 8 - 2001 : der haag (paard festival) holland

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