CD12 "no sex boy"


excerpt 0.10 (wave, 111ko, 11khz, 8 bits)

-fuck me jean-louis!
-wait!...i'm trying...i can't fuck!!
-you're funny jean-louis!
-mrs cunny thinks it's funny when mr costes can't fuck?!
-yes, you are very funny...when you can't pee!

mrs cunny is lying on my bed, making dirty my sheets with her cunt juice
making my room smelling bad with her sick cunt farts!

oh mrs cunny is not happy, she needs to be fucked
mrs cunny, stupid cunt slut, how can you pretend to be fucked?
just look at your disgusting cunt full of cheese and fart
what a sexy part!
-oh yes jean-louis, you're so smart!
-i'm so smart and you're so fart!

oh boy stop, don't fuck her, no! watch the rotten meat before to stick your dick
keep in mind, the cunt is sick
look at it, full of cheese and fart
-oh no! costes you're right, she is sick!
i can't believe i wanted to fuck her
this is a rotten piece of stinking meat full of cheese and fart!
thank you costes, you saved my dick from the sickness
well my friend it's nothing, i just wanted to help you
i didn't want to see such a nice dick spoilt by a sick cunt

-mmm, it's a good dick...slurp...
-hum,well, it's a pretty good dick, ahhh...i never had any problem with it.

oh boy don't be sad, don' cry for the sick cunt
you're not alone, i'm with you
if you need to fuck, i can help you : fuck me right now!
my ass can fart louder than her cunt
my ass can bleed everytime you fuck me
while the cunt can bleed only once a moon
my ass is deeper than her cunt, you can spit your sperm right into my stomach
right into my mouth if you shoot strong enough
your sperm will cross my opened body...and you spurt out of my mouth
oh boy you fucked me so strong, you crossed my body from my ass to my lips
how come every boy is not a fag?! -
Copyright Costes 1996-1997